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After I submit my application, what is the review process?
We read every application that is submitted and will follow up with you if there is a fit (please see the Apply section for criteria).  When meeting with you, we will ask detailed questions about you, your market and your technology. Companies that are finalists are reviewed by the investment committee for a final decision.

If I don’t live in New York City, can I still apply?
If you don’t live here yet, upon selection, you will need to move to New York City.

What if I don’t have a product prototype to show you?
Seeing a prototype of your product is important to us.  Given the availability of open source software, and online resources, putting together a prototype should be within reach of anyone, requiring only minimal resources. 

What can I expect after receiving funding?
After receiving funding, you will join a community of smart startups in New York City.  We will meet with you regularly, provide guidance from notable entrepreneurs, keep you on track and help you plan properly.  We will also connect you with resources that help you run your company as smartly as possible.  When ready, we’ll help you with a business plan and move you towards your next stage of company development.

What are you looking for in a team?
Simply put, we like to fund smart, technically savvy entrepreneurs, with at least one team member as the technology lead.

What wouldn’t you fund?
We are focused on software and technology companies, where the amount of funding we provide can make a meaningful difference in advancing the company to its next round of funding.  There are certain types of software or technology projects that require a higher level of resources to develop, such as large scale enterprise software or router hardware development.  NYC Seed will not invest in these types of companies.

Do you provide additional financing after the initial amount?
NYC Seed provides seed funding. We currently don’t provide the next round of financing BUT if your team is motivated and talented with a great product, we will help in every way we can for you to secure next round of financing through our network of investors and partners.

Will NYC Seed sign an NDA?
We treat all of the ideas and plans we receive with utmost confidentiality.  We won’t sign an NDA given the number of submissions we receive.